no title la nak merapu

hello people!
today im not in my mood
im not really sure too
hurmm..maybe i need to make some big change(s)
ya people like to make you down beause they know you upper than them
oh..can't stop thinking
is that true anything happen for a reasons?
why i can't accept the fact?
i need atiqah rosli right now! adess
i miss her like orang gilak!!
i dont feel peace and calm
aishh..sabaq sat nana!
most of my classmates who got good rezult want to further their study in Jordan
good for them
balqis too :)
she wants to take course in islamic economic
soon balik malaysia boleh jadi akauntan kat bank, kan?
i? eager but toneless..
tak dak feel la
sokay i'll try my best in future
maybe takda rezeki kat sini, kedepan-kedepan kot
 make tomorrow better than today

Positive thinking quotes by 3goodthings.me

:) mak kata kita tembamm!

*bajet cakap omputeh, keh3!
rilex lew,world need positive people like us, kan??

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