innallaha'ma'ana :)

hello everyone
long time not updating my bloggie..
yeay sem 2 is coming..
so scared! i've to put more effort this time.
biology, chemistry,science computer, mathematics
i pledge to myself. i'll not ignore all of you, promises! okay?
wondering my future lecturer.. and yeay the result
2 weeks after sem 2, i'll know my result.
hmm, what will my pointer be?

and what the heck, im still thinking about MUET. haunting and haunting me..
to my sis,gudluck for physic and other papers.. kesian kena duduk hostel.. and by tomorrow,im heading to ipoh accompanying my mom coz she has a meeting in stpm paper. oh man, i miss my ayah.. sob sob..keluar g tabligh, but nevermind,sacrifice for ad-din  make us get a lot of pahala right? pahala tuk  my mak juga sebab rela ditinggalkan suami agar suaminya dapat berjihad di jalan allah..im glad having this 'carahidup'.. sakinah dan mawaddah... manglish sudah.. hehe..

to  someone, i dont know why i've this kind of feeling, sometimes,i like be with you,and yea at the same time,i dislike you..hate that feeling. syaitan go away! please dont find me in your hard time,coz obviously show that i only 'useful' when you get caught in problem..if im in wrong minded, please tell me..
i know im your friend but all of the 'kenangan' cant be delete easily just like that, im woman.. maybe letting someone else in your life look easier for you, but not me.. you are wrong if you think im like that. kadang2 kita kena lepaskan sesuatu yang kita sayang agar dia lebih bahagia..umm..arrrrr!!...nope nope! tak harap pun kat dia,  awatlah lemah sangat nie?! dear aminatul husna, kumbang bukan seekor, ada lagi baik daripada dia.. much much much better. kan kan ? close your heart with ALLAH, kau tak rugi anaythinx pun kalau lupakan dia.. maybe i should treat him like a friend, realfriend.. ish apa daa?
melalut sudah..

 thats all, wassalam:)

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