im . new.

assalamualaikum .

it such a long time im not updating my blog.. PSPM around the corner and most of my time is used for study..
eh ye ke? im trying.. at least *sigh* 
let bygones be bygones.. life must go on no matter how hard we face the world, the people and so on.
and proudly to say im FREE.
 thanx for HIM that show the way..
indeed, ALLAH is MERCY. He know better than us.
im want the bless, the jannah and happiness now and hereafter..
no matter what peole say, im ordinary me.. still finding the light..
people make mistake, so do i..
im forget ALLAH is always there for me, watching all my good and bad doing . always love me and you. 
mom, dad, sibling, friends who always love me.. remember me.. take care of me.. but badly.. i choose the wrong path . im  finding one who never understand me, never love me and never take care what im doing..
im far away once, but i'll make sure it will not happen anymore.. not even again..please god, i need your hidayah.. im tired of this. betul la orang cakap.. kadang-kadang kita bertemu dengan orang yang salah sebelum bertemu dengan orang yang betul..but now, just let it go, take a deep breath becoz i rather choose happiness.. the real happiness..

  to balqis.. i miss you so much.. if you read my blog, please tex-ing or call-ing me..i know we are so far away.. jordan and here. but love will never make us far apart, right?
you and i far .. so far.. and i miss your advice, your hug. :"( thanx for the advise. im really appreciate that. so grateful for having you as my sahabat.. sahabat syurga. insya-Allah.

thats all.
people dont judge me by my past. now is future. and im new aminatul husna. im GLAD to be NEW me. never change for others. just me. ordinary me..

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