i'm accepting the fate

assalamualaikum to all readers..today..im not feeling well..ok..look entry above..look like im sad right?yes ! i admit..why? let just me know about that..for sis balqis..i already good enough to face any obstacle in future..*is that true?*im still doubt..oh ye..smilling but act dying..ok2..good to them..why should i feel like this? is that because he give me fake hope? nonono..both of them are not guilt , but me !! it's ok..what can i do now is just praying for their happiness..soon , i'll get adam ..insya-alllah*adam refer to man*

spm ! spm ! spm ! trial ! trial ! trial ! pharmacist ! pharmacist ! pharmacist ! happy ! happy ! happy ! smile ! smile ! smile !

school day tomorrow :)

spread the love from me to you :)

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